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Saturday, 12 February 2011 19:47
In the last Hebrew lesson we revealed the mnemonic meaning behind the name 'Yeshua', or Jesus, as it was illustrated in the original Hebrew pictographic letters that were used in antiquity. As they have done with every other subject we've examined, the pictographs revealed something specific and consequential about our Messiah. So today we'll examine the second half of His title, 'haMashiach', or Messiah, and see what else may be revealed about the ministry of Jesus and the role that he will play in the last days.



The Hebrew letters above show the proper Hebrew spelling of the name 'haMashiach', which consist of the letters 'Hey' (the 'H' sound), then 'Mem' (the 'M' sound), then 'Shin' (the 'Sh' sound), then 'Yud' (the 'Y' sound), and finally the 'Chet' (the hard 'H'). And in addition to these, several vowel points are inferred between letters where necessary. As you read these letters, always remember that the Hebrew shown above reads from right to left. So let's jump right in and see what additional information the ancient pictographic letters may tell us about our Messiah.

The first letter is the 'Hey', which is a picture of a man trying to get our attention. As we discovered in prior studies, this letter serves as the word 'the' in modern hebrew. In the pictographs however, it carried the meaning 'look' or 'reveal' or 'breathe', and could alternately mean 'behold'. 

The second letter is the 'Mem', which depicts waves of water, and specifically, water in a state of chaos. This letter can represent 'chaos' or 'mighty' or 'blood', or it can simply suggest 'waves', 'sea', or 'water'.

The third letter is the 'Shin', which is symbolized by two front teeth. This letter carries with it the various meanings of 'sharp' or 'press', or 'eat', or 'two', or by extension even 'consume' or 'destroy'. These are all things that are done with the two front teeth, or are related to the two front teeth.

The fourth letter is the 'Yud', which is a picture of the arm and hand of a man. This letter has the potential meanings of 'work' or 'throw' or 'worship', because that is what we do with our arms and hands, but it can mean 'create' or simply mean 'arm' or 'hand' as the picture suggests.

The last letter is the 'Chet', which is a picture of the walls within a tent or house. It has the potential meanings of 'outside', 'divide', or 'half', and carries with it the idea of 'separation', because that's what walls do.


As always, the context of the subject at hand often determines the context of the interpretation. So in this instance we should be looking for the meaning that would be appropriate to the Messiah. Fortunately, that context is extremely clear, and when we combine these meanings the following sentence emerges;

"Behold, His blood destroys, saves, and divides"

Over the last two millennia, nothing has been as divisive in this world as the blood of Jesus Christ. Those that believe in the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus Christ are saved by His blood and will have eternal life, but those who deny the blood of Christ will ultimately be destroyed. And in the end, it is the word of God that will divide them for an eternity.


0 #9 Eric Helpin 2014-06-29 15:34
MR. William Dlubak, don't you think you are being a bit harsh with your criticism of most likely searching but yet to be Reborn or newly reborn Christians and their translations.

I am a Reborn Christian of 11 years. I have 7 Gifts from the Holy Spirit. Most recent is the Gift of Tongues. Which is why I'm hear trying to find the meaning of words I can speak but do not know. Never have I known a Reborn Christian with the Gift of Tongues and the gift to understand tongues.

It is one or the other from my 11 years of experience with truly blessed Christians. Early on I almost only received the Word through the Holy Spirit directly,& by reading from the (KJV 1611 unabridged old english version. Why? the Holy Spirit told me the 1611 version has the greatest depth in English. The numbers that can only be quantified in that version Confirm everything to me through Christ alpha numerically.

Now I do belong to a small fellowship led by the most gifted man I have ever witnessed on this earth. Even he says you need to confirm everything with Christ. No money requested, all is free and the Spirit of God Resides with us all.

He is Blessed with all 9 gifts of the Holy Spirit. Just as the Deliverers,(Noa h)(Moses)(Disci ples)and of course Jesus. Not comparing him to them at all, but he is truly blessed.

My final point is Christians seeking further enlightenment is a positive thing and should not be scoffed at. They may be a bit confused in this terrible World of Sin, or simply lost, not to be mocked by the Blessed.

They require prayer and guidance from those Reborn. It is our duty to help newly Reborn Christians develop a direct 1 on 1 relationship with Yeshua HaMashiach(Jesu s Christ)& the Holy Spirit. Ask yourself, what would Jesus do? I speak not of myself ever to another brother, but it is HE that is in me that speaks all Truth.. Shalom, William
+1 #8 William Dlubak 2014-04-30 11:45
Yeshua HaMashiach is haDerech, haEmet, haChayyim. Unfortunately Christianity has taken a perverted turn away from YHVH, Yeshua and the Old Testament! Man has perverted God's Word in a way that they pick and choose which Scripture they want and do not want to obey! The Roman Empire and Constantine murdered more Christians in 2 years than all through history! We must turn from this hypocrisy and back to the Christianity Yeshua taught. I pray to YHVH in Yeshua's Name that many comes to the Truth which is found in Scripture, and NOT the traditions of men!
+2 #7 Mike 2014-01-05 17:59

If you search the 'Ancient Hebrew Research Center' website, you'll find all the different versions of Hebrew. There were several forms of Hebrew letters that were used in antiquity, and this site has them all.
0 #6 Colleen Foerster 2013-12-30 04:07
Greetings. I found old Hebrew script once online {I am not super bright & neglected to save the webpage} which did not have all of the fancier curves of the newer script. I only have the lettering for Yeshua, not for the entire phrase "Yeshua HaMashia". Can anyone here provide a link to show the entire phrase & not just His name?
I appreciate any replies.
Be well & well blessed, in His holy & most precious name!
Thank You
0 #5 Mike 2013-07-21 14:06
Hi Jane,

The 'well of the oath' is a good translation. The first half of the word is be’er, which means 'well' or 'shaft' in Hebrew. Since the text is telling you that it‘s the well "of the oath" then the second part of the word should reflect an oath of some sort. And it does.

Sheba in Hebrew is spelled 'Shin-Beyt-Ayin', which in the pictographs depict two teeth, a house, and an eye, respectively. What the pictographs are suggesting is 'Two-House-Know', or when combined, 'Two Houses Know.'

In other words, this covenant was agreed upon by the 'two houses' of Abraham and Abimelech, who both swore an oath openly in front of witnesses of both houses, so now both houses 'know' of it.

The number seven really has nothing to do with this, other than seven lambs were offered as part of the oath. So this name takes on this additional connotation.

Hope that helps. The pictographs never let us down.

0 #4 Jane Champion 2013-07-20 21:14
Hi Mike,
I keep coming back to this site and want to learn more, please would you tell me the Pictograph message behind BeerSheba, my Bible tells me it's the well of the oath or sevens, but is there more that I've missed from the wells that Abraham dug then the Philistines filled in with earth then Isaac dug them out again? Gen 26:15, 18
Thank you
0 #3 Mike 2013-07-16 19:52
Hi Betty,

Probably the best resource I've found for learning both modern and ancient Hebrew forms is 'The Ancient Hebrew Research Center' run by Jeff Benner. It's very user friendly and offers many options and easy to understand teachings. I think you'll like it.


0 #2 betty wells 2013-07-16 17:27
I want to learn more about about Hebrew language and about yeshua
+5 #1 William Dlubak 2012-06-13 08:44
Salvation is only through Yeshua HaMashiach(Jesu s Christ). He died for us, we must live for Him. Repent and turn to the Light of Salvation

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